Wow where to start :0/ actually I will start by answering Diane’s question about what time do I wake up and what is an average day like for us when do I fit in housework etc so here goes here was our day as it happened today (with house work added in for you lol)

5:30 am wake up shower make bed (hubby is normally at work or getting ready to leave by then) put on a load of washing, clear table cloth of table and lay it for breakfast, fed fish, mark children’s previous days work and have my breakfast in peace normally while watching eastenders from night before lol.

6:30am get up clear my breakfast things and wake children (
thomas and jessica only emily has sleep issues so i leave her until she wakes) if not already awake that is help them get washed and dressed for the day do Jessica’s hair lay out emily’s clothes and hair things ready for her to wake.
7 am older two have 1st breakfast of cereal normally emily wakes around here and i get her sorted and down in time for 2nd breakfast of toast.

7:30am children go up clean their teeth then Jessica feds her rabbit and Thomas feds the Dog both feed tadpoles and water plants if needed while i go up tidy away bed clothes and make beds hoovered stairs and hall way cleared away breakfast things and put dishwasher on unload washing machine hang out to dry put new load in to wash sweep and mop the kitchen floor clean dog bowls replace for clean water, spray table and chairs and put table cloth back on set school clip boards out hoover the rug and dinning room flooring and make husbands lunch.

8:30am call children in from morning play set them to there work of deciding what they like/dislike about 3 chosen rhyming poems talk it through while playing make believe with emily with her kitchen and clean dining room mirror, wipe the sideboard and clean the fish tank glass, then onto TV DVD player etc, picture, bookcase chimney breast wall and picture next bookcase lamp clean windows wipe window seal.
Sit down with the children start to plan their own poems come up with first draft then unusually hubby disturbed us early so 9:30 am kids had their break (would normally be 10am) got him on his way with his lunch put the gammon joint in the oven, sorted childrens snacks (cheese, scone, bread sticks grapes, carrot sticks drink) cleaned toilet and rolled up one whole roll of toilet roll with emily who had decided to unravel it all :0/ cleaned sink wiped bath and shower cleaned bin lids (nappy bin and bathroom bin) wiped glass shelf put tooth brushes away and tidied up older two’s hair and body sprays perfumes etc (both learning to be young adults far to early but with all older friends i suppose not a surprise lol) opened windows upstairs and down wiped side unloaded dishwasher

10 am back to work we got computers on and finished their poems

While they did that emily played with her dollys with me. This took us up till 12 when we stopped for lunch changed the dogs water, watered the greenhouse again and put house plants into soak, hoovered living room moving and hoovering under the sofa’s cleaned the coffee table and cleaned the Tv windows, window seals and ornaments wiped all the TV unit and picture frames cleaned mirror (didnt get to duncan’s desk) cleaned children’s lunch away loaded dish washer cleaned kitchen sides changed washing over again hing it out to dry took washing basket back upstairs swept kitchen floor mopped up spill.

1pm started science experiment worksheet on soluble insoluble substances did experiment

Then children were finished so they went to play with the marbles in the hall way and practised magic tricks on one an other
I sat down with my lunch peace :0)
Jessica started cooking made some biscuits with emily (I cleaned kitchen i am not allowed to interfere :0/ miss independent doesn’t like it lol



Thomas continued playing marbles practising his trick shots! Lol by now it is afternoon snack 3pm they have biscuit and drink, I take emily up for toilet and put her music on while she has quiet time on sofa i re wipe table and chairs replace the cloth and flowers back on put laptop away put sofa (one emily isnt on) straight and clean fish tank glass, clean the glass on the doors to living room clean light switches and wipe walls, clean kitchen cupboards check emily who had stopped breathing and started to turn a little blue (sleep apnea she has to be checked regularly when sleeping hence why i alway walk around tired lol)
Woke her started breathing and crying as i had startled her (lets face it you panic when they go blue!) she had wet herself so stripped sofa covers replaced the bin liners i keep under them as waterproof protectors put all covers in washing machine hubby gets home lost phone spend 20-30 minutes looking while he waters garden again ha ha (yes 3rd time) clean kitchen again from girls cooking load dishwasher stick it on decide too hot to eat so take kids up for baths play with girls in the bath Thomas reads in the garden on the swing (skullduggery pleasant 1 again!)



Wash girls hair and plait ready for night get Pjs on thomas has a bath, empty washing machine of covers hang out, (optimistic i know) girls lay table as i cook the veg and take meat and tatters out of the oven and reheat cheese sauce and plate up eat dinner (this is at 8pm normally thomas jess and emily would be in bed but it is far too muggy and also a friday so kids stay up to show daddy their weeks work etc)

Upstair kids teeth phone nanna and read her their poems, then phone Granny and grandad len (yep they do this with everything they are proud off poor grand parents lol)

They go off to bed i unload reload dish wAsher, clean sides and cooker, microwave, hoover and mop kitchen floor lock dog in living space with duncan and run myself a hot bath where i have now written this while listening to my favourite music for past 1 and half hours (several water top ups lol) next a quick flit on Facebook (normally this would be from 8-9pm and i would normally walk the dog first but duncan does this on a friday lol then 9-10 chill out with duncan (fridays 10-11pm) then bed where i would normally write blog post while duncan showers and then sleep lol thats how i fit it all in ha ha but as busy and crazy it may seem to some I love it.

I still have it easy compared to previous generation women and I am not only house proud but proud of my house, husband and children and making sure they have a blessed life and happy clean house makes me happy (BTW i don’t stress out if things don’t get done today is a normal day everything is wiped before dust or dirt settles so each job only takes minutes so it isn’t as hard as the written word would let on oh and I am slightly OCD which really helps as i do things without thinking I spent today writing every job i did as most of it is done without normally noticing ha ha)

Anyway i am off to facebook and bed now so night all and Diane I hope this (if you have made it this far down the post has explained how I can keep both house up while teaching children and i have missed out every time I stopped to help the children as I have seen them struggle or make a confused look asked for help etc so they are not negected while I get the housework done either it really is done with a massive advantage off being ADHD and always on the move and only needing very little sleep OCD and doing things without noticing or having to think about it and the love of doing it all and watching every moment of my children’s development maybe that is selfish but the children certainly aren’t suffering nor is my husband or house so make you own mind up.

I can’t help it I love my life and everything in it so I find the effort doesn’t mean we don’t have doss days we do weekly ha ha ha hope this answers all your array of questions and statements facts and figures may appear but this just shows a majority of the people they interviewed when that is only 100 out of the thousands of home edders does it really produce a clear picture on what we do?