Today we had a busy day we got up did school work had quick tidy up before emily’s nurse came (a catch up explaining all including emily’s health will be coming as soon as we know what is happening other than a lot of waiting :0S) after Helen had left we had a spot of lunch did some more work then left work to clean started in bathroom and got that, Thomas’ and Jessica’s room cleaned from ceiling to carpets oh and hall just our room to do tomorrow before starting the stairs and then hitting the easier job of downstairs :0) oh and the garage to do :0)

Then we are off for the weekend saturday myself and kids are going on a bear hunt (well geocashing but kids like to call it a bear hunt since one of them had a teddy in it) and daddy has to work then sunday we are all off the see despicable me 2 in the cinema :0)

Anyway night now.

Today school work they did cats sleep anywhere read it discussed it, daddy fell into the pond read it discussed it tomorrow they are writing their own poem and writing down what the like and dislike on the two poems above and making a picture embellished version of cats sleep anywhere on their computers using word and google to search for images.

Ou and the found the line of symmetry on a sheet of shapes and found symmetrical items around the house spoke about how they are symmetrical and why before we had to stop so tomorrow they have to make their own patterns and do their sheet on completing symmetrical shapes :0)

The girls wore their new home school uniforms today Jessica want to embellish hers with pinks emily purple Thomas green (no surprises there lol) will tidy this post up later.