Today we took the children out to the cinema to go and see Despicable Me 2 (Absolutely brilliant film we worth Buying we can wait or it to come out on DVD now lol).


We took them to the Odeon in Bath where we sat and had some smoothies to cool us down after the scorching car trip.



Jessica Had the tropical, Emily Strawberries and Ice cream, Thomas had caramel, Duncan had iced caramel latte (or something like that) and I had the Mango as ever lol we all tried one an others (except the children didn’t try duncans due to it being coffee) and I was quiet surprised as they were all ok although I clearly had the best flavour lol.




The kids heading for something to eat from the cinema Emily is looking so grown up.20130709-213212.jpg20130709-213232.jpg

20130709-213251.jpgMCDONALDS yes even we do Maccie D’s from time to time.