Well work wise today was a little bit of a washout but we had the landlady come and thomas and Jessica both ended up playing with her son for hours as we got lost in the attic moving boxes and trying to get to her baby bits through the un organised sea of our stuff but we got there in the end. She arrived at 11 am and left the first time about 2:45pm we then had a spot of lunch and then went to Pink planet where the children spent their pocket money and then just as we got home and started dinner she phoned to ask if she could pop in again she had forgotten something and then came at 6pm as emily was headed to bed and left an hour or so later. It was lovely to meet her and she was a really lovely lady but the attic was like a sauna so it seemed a very tiring day for the little I got done :0/.

I did get this little bundle ready for thomas’ Birthday even if they are for my mum and mother in law to give him (NO idea what we are going to get him :0/)


Not long now he announced there was only 126 hours (or there about this morning so not long now at all lol)