Phew what a day kids dis school work symmetry (see links for work ideas) and as we were sat there there came a thud from behind the rabbit had fallen down (just laid down with a thud) so dispite iced water and a fan on him to keep him cool eleberate shading device etc he still started to over heat so thomas panicked running around the garden talking to himself and jessica was much more level headed (very proud mum) she went to damp down a tea towel having seen me do it before I picked him up and moved him to the cold kitchen floor and we covered him with the wet tea towel gave him fresh iced water and left him wet laid in the kitchen and calmed tom down went back and he was feeling much better and trying to get into the dishwasher!! Anyway so thats where he spent the rest of the day and will most probably spend the rest of tomorrow too we completely cleaned his cage (doing it daily as the increase of flys leading to higher risks of fly strike esp as he is an old rabbit) and moved his cage to under the pergola in the shade of the grape vine so hoping he will cope better there but we will see. After that the nursery Nurse came for emily couldn’t really do much as until after emily’s appointment we don’t know of the eating problem os to do with that then we had to go shopping for hubby’s lunch and ended up picking up his boss some shopping (the kids loved it we had to work out the cheapest option for 30 cans of drink (coke fanta and lilt) so they went through all the options did the sums worked out the ones mentioned above were cheapest per can due to the offers on and ended up with 34 cans for £14.49 at 0.43p per can.

Then iceland then they played and started the colouring pages of their work on the kitchen floor while Rody hopped around deciding who’s paper was the tastiest!! Explaining that one Lucy should be Interesting lmao

So that was basically it oh except a little girl was very clever while we were out shopping and recognised a name on the coke bottle


In this picture she is shouting Gemma i love you around her dummy hence the funny face but I was so proud we bought it for Gemma lol