Happy birthday Grumpa I know your still checking in with Nan x x

Today I taught Jessica how to use her computer safely and allowed her access to her emails and Facebook page (only while the computer is in the living room might i add!) need to clear some bits and move some bits once to os wirelessly connected to the internet so it can sit on the dresser in the dinning room oppose to my coffee table lol



Her daddy spent the best part of last night putting on all the security stuff and childs browser etc (she has kidzui but unfortunately computer isnt powerful enough to actually run it not enough memory so we need to upgrade that so instead he stuck her on chrome and enabled a few safety features on that so for now it will be constant big brother over her until we get kidzui working) i am loving our new layout in the main living area now though was worth all the effort of yesterday



Anyway she was shown how to keep herself safe sent an email to her uncle Andrew and messaged on some of her cousins posts on facebook posted a couple of her own statuses etc and played on Moshi Monsters