Well last week we went on holiday and blimey was it tiring lol.

We stayed in Seaview Haven in weymouth in a deluxe plus caravan it was ok but wasn’t very clean when we moved in i had to clean it all up :0/

We spent about 3-4 hours of everyday swimming in Weymouth Bay’s swimming pool (the two sites are next to one and other and you able able to use both sets of facilities) all the children did Archery and then Thomas and Jessica also did Fencing and kayaking too.

We all had a great time while we were there Emily became rich and from 4p managed to win nearly £10 in the 2p slot machines (after spending about 20 minutes watching this little old lady doing it) and that not to mention all the sweets, gold block (exchanged for a gift), 2 key ring pens, 4 star stickers (one gift for every 3 collected) and much much more lol.

We also went to Weymouth’s Sealife Adventure Playground and Tower.

We did the Sealife centre adventure playground bit one day and the tower and the beach an other.

Grandad Len came to join us one day and he stayed for dinner then took us to his favourite Ice cream parlour for pudding and the kids got to go in and see the cows milked and watch them make the ice cream :0) yummy.

They also went to the club house nearly every evening so we were all kept very busy lol

(Will add photo’s later as had to remove all photo’s from my phone to instal the IOS7 update lol)