Ok as you may or may not have guessed by the lack of posts recently we have been really busy not only with our normal day to day lives but i have also been trying to sort jessica a school out blimey who would have thought there would be so many schools in this area we have looked around several different ones after believing the chances of getting in our chosen one was squashed and jessica still saying she would like to go to a school i decided to start the rounds in secret.

Unfortunately none of the schools i looked at seemed right and rather than disheartening jessica by taking her around with me i decided i could always take her around should i like one but they were all much the same ran by nice enough but not very warming staff none of whom really looked like they wanted to be there.

Then one morning i got a little mad and cross after seeing yet an other let down i decided to phone up and find out why jessica had not only received a place at the school we chose but in warminster at all and thats when i found out that her application never made it to them in the first place and thanks to the help of our lovely LEA Lucy we ot it all cleared up and i hurriedly sent off the relevant information and paid £7 to get it there next day signed for post i happily if some what anxiously awaited a reply so last week i only had Emily at home to settle her into her school nicely and blimey didn’t the time she was there go slow. So i waited and cleaned, cleaned and waited, started to give up when on the friday morning the letter came saying she had a place so ir was action stations phoned the school and arranged for her to start (today!! Some 2 days after the letter arrived).

I had forgotten over the years of home educating how much organisation getting a child to school could be lol all the things they need lunch boxes PE kits bags and uniform etc but slowly i got it all with a lot of help from a friend we managed to get her geared up and ready for her start date i even made her a PE bag yesterday in a spare 10 minutes i found myself.


We dyed jessica’s hair back so it was her normal colour again


And this morning after dropping daddy to work and we had eaten breakfast we headed the short walk to the school


And what a day we then got emily to school and thomas and i also sorted daddys lunch and dropped that off too before getting on with our day and realising it was time to pick her up again lol.

She loved it and i was surprised to hear from the teacher at how well i had schooled her up to now and how advanced she was compared to the rest of the class (moment of relief lol)

And then heard about a dance class and off we went home kids got changed and had dinner and jessica read her book and did her homework (gathering 5 items to show the class to tell them about herself) and we piled in the car for the dance lesson.

Jessica and emily took part and both loved it absolutely loved it and they were very fast learners too anyway i think that was about it i am now going to have to vacate the bath to go to bed and truly look forward to what tomorrow will bring :0)