Well on the Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013 at 12:30pm we lost a family member and then on Sunday 6th Oct 2013 we lost our beloved rabbit Rody to old age now since the lost of the first family member my get up and go left without warning and it is hard to just get up in the mornings but when Rody joined her every thing went i am behind on everything now and feel lost I know some of you are thinking its only a rabbit but he wasn’t he was more than that He wasnt the rabbit that sat in a hutch all day forgotten after the first 3 weeks if having him he was part of our daily life get up feed Rody change water and litter tray give cuddle and carrot lunch time change water and cuddle tea time out he comes for his exercise he was pampered in the way animals should be with our attention you couldn’t walk past his cage without him getting excited to see you and asking for a bit of love and we have had him for nearly 9 years so he was always a big chunk of our lives and although I was sad to loose the distant family member who I loved and saw throughout my life on special occasions and she was someone who meant the world to others I see more and love dearly I have less reminders throughout the day to remind me she’s gone I can close my eyes and pretend shes still here sat at home talking to my niece or sat with my mum happily chatting away in the corner of a family get together but Rody there is nowhere to hide everywhere I look there is a reminder of him and the loss we have had of a special soul we can never replace that special perfect pet who took you the way you were and loved you anyway :0( You were much more than my sons first and perfect pet you were part of our family and filled a hole in our hearts. Helen is mourned not only for the life taken away from my sister in law and her family so young but also for this lively and cheerful lady who appears throughout my life normally in some dimly lit club in Shirley at a special birthday, wedding or other family do the world can be so cruel but then only the best souls make it to the stars. So RIP Helen and RIP Rody you shall both be missed dearly and held in hearts forever more. Grief is a funny thing this feeling like you heart is going to shrivel up and die at the loss of someone who was loved so dearly but then life goes on and we left behind have to find ways of living it because after they leave us we are no longer living life for ourselves but also for the ones we have loved and lost.