Wow had great fun this year gained loads of ideas for up coming science projects and some great out of the box teaching methods not to mention the kids had great fun and even daddy enjoyed himself and wondered off lol

Jessica made the safest egg cart of the 4 days and had she been at a school would have won her school £100! Not getting into that one! Lol


Thomas made a brilliant car and won himself a knex helicopter with daddy.

Unfortunately only have the video of it zooming down the track which I can’t upload.

Jessica also made a spaghetti house (what a brilliant and cheap Idea we plan to make one this week to complete our little pigs houses :0)


They both peddled up some kinetic engery changing it to mechanical energy and made a smoothy good enough to drink!


They went drilling with straws for soil samples!


And watched some real Fireworks and the creation of some mighty big Bangs!


They learned how to Change a tire and raced one an other to see who could do it the quickest (Jessica won)


Jessica flew a plane (simulator) and found out what happens if a bird goes through the engine of a plane :0/ not to mention found 3 different ways to crash a plane and one 1 way to land it
Safety lol


She also had a go at making a flying a paper one


Oh and then there was also the balloon powered cars and the micro organisms they made too


And that just names a few of what I had battery life for they also learned about a cows digestion, renewable and re useable energy, the explosive properties of corn flower, worked out the maths to get a Lego mind storm robot through a Martian terrain, learned a little about how to navigate using stars and a little about the different stars in the sky, learned about the curiosity rover, and programming an Arduino it really was 2 days of pure fun filled science we were all very much in our element!