Going back to 123s and ABCs but Emily has officially joined in with our home Ed adventure so an other one to look for opportunities for all three now .

It was lovely having all three around the table working hard and funny enough they ploughed through their work a lot more quickly than ever before!

So Emily today learned how to spell her name A and B and count, write and recognise 1-5 and she did so well (really pleased with her playschool they have been truly amazing with her and she has learned so much with them)





Thomas has continued with his 3,6,9 times tables, recap over Triangles & parallelograms, his reading phonics set by his tutor ee, ea and long E sound, his OT hand writing therapy




Jessica is doing pretty much the same as tom but she is on 2,5,10 times tables, and cursive writing but the rest is the same



We followed this by art and learning to draw and an afternoon in the garden until it started to rain.

Then it was dinner bath and bed for everyone etc Jess who is at brownies phew what a day :0)

Been lovely having all three sat down working together it truly has >