Oh dear Poor little Emily is covered head to foot in pox and on what was meant to be a busy week for us :0/

Poor Thomas and Jessica have missed 2 groups and a trip to the apple store for IMovie today poor little tikes we have spent the whole week sat in doing nothing they tried to do school work but Emily has been clingy since the fever came out Tuesday hoping this means we are nearing the end now.

They are learning French at the moment ready to go to France and practice it in a couple of weeks (providing we actually end up with out passports in time :0/ we did them in plenty of time but still no sign of them)

Anyway not much has changed really I still never seem to level out the playing field of juggling house and school work but I am starting to cope with the disorders home ed brings and that means knowing I will never have a perfect house again but that’s ok the children are happy and learning fast :0) and now we have found the perfect tutor Paul we are well on track and filling in what I have missed teaching them while continuing on with our normal studies which is great.

Anyway time to get going I suppose for an other boring day house bound (only a couple more to go)