Wow time has flown by we leave tomorrow for Janet’s and from there we head of to the ferry Saturday we won’t see our own beds now until we get back from France as tonight we are at granny’s house for the night.

The children are all curled up in their beds snoring away.



We are a little behind where I would have liked to have been now but I am positive it will all come together tomorrow. Although that could be the nice hot relaxing bath I have just had speaking followed by a peppermint foot soak (I do love coming home to stay lol)

Anyway everything is packed ready to load in the car tomorrow when I get home dog is here and will be staying with Granny while we are away the money is changed into euros we are all set just have to Hoover the house put all the washing away and clean the bathrooms and kitchen tomorrow (oh and roll up the rugs and move the sofa and blanket box for the work man coming in to put the cosmetics of the house right while we are away) all in 4 hours while the children have a great time at youth club tomorrow evening