We had an amazing if somewhat chaotic Christmas, we spent it with all our family and got to see all our nieces on Christmas Day. We went to my mums for Christmas this year and spent it with Duncan’s parents, my mum, my brother Lennie his wife Kim and their children Millie, Jake and little Lennie.

The kids loved opening their presents with their cousins then they all slowly got dressed and went to play with their new toys outside. Emily got stuck up the old apple tree at one point but daddy went to the rescue.

It really was wonderful in this modern age it is so easy to forget how precious just spending time with family is.

New smoothie makerFamily has always been important to me and I loved growing up with my cousins living opposite and going over to the island to see my granddad and cousins over there. Unfortunately we have all spread out too much to have the children see each other too often and in recent years we all struggled to all get together, so seeing everyone for Christmas was extra special.
20141225_170712(1)All 9 cousins together we don’t often have them all in one place together.

The children had made loads leading up to Christmas From the 2 Gingerbread houses one for at mums and one for at home and table centers.

This was the one they made for Granny’s for the whole family to enjoy on Boxing day after we left.

This is the one they made for us to eat Boxing day once we got home.

Jessica’s Table Center.


We all squeezed around the dining table for a lovely Christmas dinner made as a joint effort by myself and sister-in-law Kim, Dad and both mum and mumsy.



Then of course came the Presents 6 of the 9 all opening their presents together.


Then we have yummy Oreo Brownies to munch on. These were brought from Funways by the lady who made them for there at that time and are truly Scrumptious.


Naturally as the night went on so did the present opening (not because they had loads but because we always open them throughout the day, not only does it allow for them to actually play and use some of their new toys but also keeps the fun going all day with games in between. This year it was Cluedo, Rummy and Sorry.


We really did have a great time be it when us adults opened our presents, kids opening their’s, playing in the garden on the beautiful December day lovely crisp and fresh.


Watching the men Snoozing on the sofa, talking with our nieces who are every growing up so fast. a lovely lazy day surrounded by those you love.

And of course what Christmas would be complete with out a fashion parade of all the lovely new clothes the Girls got from Santa, Nana and Granny.