Well it’s back to the grindstone.

We have juggled everything about and this is now what our week looks like:

7-10 am Wake up, Breakfast, Teeth cleaned,  wash or shower then 60 minutes of their X Box Adventure game which is a brilliant morning workout as their bodies are the remote.


10 am snack
10:30-12am core subject sheets from folder (English reading writing and Maths)
12-1pm Lunch
1pm – 3pm computer game design and coding
3-3:30pm snack
3:30-4pm Weekly project set up/ continuation
4pm table cleared dinner cooked and eaten.
5pm leave for St John’s Cadets
Head home Emily to bed pick them up at 7pm chat with daddy and bed.
Evenings (except Mon, Thurs and Fri)
5:30pm Emily bathed, ready for bed with book read.
6pm I relaid table for jess and Thomas to eat their dinner finish making it while they finish up and save their work putting computers away.
6:30pm Thomas and Jessica eat
7pm upstairs teeth cleaned and Pj’s on
7-7:30pm talk with their daddy about the day
7:30pm daddy dinner t&j off to bed.
I then clean up once Emily is in bed I can tidy up from the day and reset up for the next so by 8pm I am done and on the computer printing out any last minute sheets needed or making the next week project plan.

7-10am wake up etc
10-12noon core subjects
1pm – 4:30pm Weekly project
5pm Emily dinner bath book and bed
6-7pm tidy up time dinner T&J teeth cleaned face washed
7:30pm bed time T&J

7am-10am wake breakfast and shake.
10:30-12 core subjects
1pm – 4:30pm Project
5-6 pm clear up Emmie dinner bath and bed
6-7pm T&J dinner wash.
7:30pm T&J bed

7-10am wake and shake
10:30pm project work
12 lunch (dinner take packed lunch teas)
1pm –  5:30pm Library book change,  core subjects, project research.
5:30- 7pm family swim,
7:30-9 pm scouts Thomas
7:30pm Emily bed
8pm jess bed
9pm Thomas snack teeth and bed

7-10am wake and shake
10:30 – 12 core
1pm-3:30pm hands on fun
4pm dinner all
5pm-7pm youth club

7-8am breakfast up and dressed car packed
9-10:30am swimming lessons and showers
11am family day out

Freedom they have free unsupervised time on tablets, game consoles and toys while hunky and I chill out and actually get to watch a bit of TV do food shop ordering and meal plans and work out their work for the next week.

None of us have time to get bored and that the way we like it (I am writing this while Thomas does his work out)


Still refusing to wear anything other than  his Scout trousers lol