This year all three children will be working through the same areas of topics as outlined in these workbooks:

Interactive Text

Activity Lab book

Reading and Writing in Science

From this website: Here
Now these worksheets will only cover the some of the Work Emily will be doing and all other work will be in separate posts for Each child and Will be broken up into links for each topic.

Edit 2021: since they did this we came across this website called science video courses and we have recovered some of these subjects with these videos resources below which work nicely with them.

Science video courses
Amazon books
Oaka Books

All come with a cost but one worth paying for if you can afford it. We have followed the Science Video courses through now and they have been an invaluable resource especially paired with these books and Dyslexic friendly resources from Oaka books.

You can of course always if paying for the likes of Twinkl, etc find printable versions.