Well after a month long project on Degus and completing all the tasks that have been set them to prove they were not only mature enough for their own pets but that they had saved the money for them put a vet visit amount to one side found a vet who has the knowledge to be able to take them to and also prove they aren’t going to get bored, today we came across a beautiful pair of boys who needed a new home and was offered to them for free with everything needed.

So I would like to Introduce and Welcome Nibbles (brown on wheel in the back) and Tom (Grey climbing the playpen side to say hello) our newest members of the family who are true little characters. The children have decided to keep the names given to them by their old owner despite Duncan’s best efforts to convince them to name them Pinky and the Brain!! lol


Jessica has them for 3 months and will be doing her own blog about them as part of her school work during this period.