Emily todays work sheet 1
Thomas and Jessica’s todays work

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Emily todays worksheets
Thomas and Jessica’s worksheet

Beach saftey:

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Every now and then I like to test Thomas and Jessica against what is deemed the national average up till now they have both been pretty close to it or pass it but with the past 2 years being so chaotic and they haven’t been as structured as we are used to it will be interesting to see where they are at with more time for personal development of their maths skills.


Emily is still working on her numbers just introducing adding at the moment.


With it coming up to the holidays we are also reminding ourselves of how to be safe around water the RNLI have some fantastic free worksheets on water safety and we go over them this time every year.

Other than that we are working on days and months again mainly for emily’s benefit as this will be her first time of doing them but it doesn’t do Thomas and Jessica any harm to recap.