Well, we thought we would use the opportunity of my Brother in law being in Thailand to come and spend the weekend at mum and dads.

We arrived yesterday lunchtime after an eventful morning moving rabbits and catching a wild and free Benny who managed to slip out the front door ????.

We came and picked mum up dropping Tom off with Benny and headed to get the girls their scout and beavers uniforms from Brenda’s in Frimley (fantastic shop stocks both scouts and Brownie uniforms).

We then had some lunch compliments of dad then walked the dog before going off swimming at the Aquadome in Basingstoke.

We came out of swimming and brought tickets to see secret life of pets and treated the children to a happy meal to kill the time till it started.
The film was brilliant and had us all laughing out loud before we wandered back to the car and headed back to mum and dads for bed.

Great day we now we will load the car and chill before heading home later today ????