Ok so back in Novemeber we finally got our appointment for his rediagnosis and he has now been diagnosed ADHD/ASD.

In the past 2 years we have had our hands full with Thomas, hormones hit him and he started to have what is now been diagnosed as senory shutdowns he would pass out slump to the floor and for ages afterwards will be slightly unresponsive and very quiet.

After years of waiting for OT appointments he finally has one for Wednesday and we have bitten the bullet and applied for DLA and have used the money to pay for the therapies he really needs.

He now has a therapist called sue come every other week to help him learn to cope with his issues and learn what his diagnosis actually means for him.

Things are now settling down and we are getting somewhere. But it certainly has been hard going.

Thomas has been dropped by his Peads (AGAIN!) so it is very much a case of overcoming one issue to have an other take its place it feels like trying to slay a many headed beast that for every head we chop off two more spring up.

And to top it all off we are at the beginning of the process for Emily trying to access Speech and Lanuage for her.

But I do feel more confident now knowing that we are getting there with Tom we have someone to turn to for help both in the sense of his therapist Sue and in the form of Westbury Carers group so things are looking up.