Well this week kids have been designing animal enclosures.
They started by choosing an animal and then found out how much space that animal needs and working out how many of each they would want.
So Thomas went with the giant Tortoise and 200m2 enclosure with 5 tortoises in, his design was done to a scale of 1:10. Jessica did elephants at 1000m2 needed for 2 elephants, her design was done to a scale of 1:50.

So they worked through their Birdseye layouts of the enclosure and started to look at different fence ideas, plant planning and water features how best to make those work too.

Thomas’ first draft 

Thomas’ 2nd draft with mummies help doing the key

Plant choices for the planing areas

My drawing of Thomas’ description of how he would make his waterfall and how he could use a brown water system to keep down long term costs.

Thomas’ final draft coloured and ready for mounting onto his ideas board.

A rough draft of one type of fencing for the plunge pool in Jessica’s design.

Jessica’s 2nd draft showing use of contours to show landscaping.

Jessica’s first rough birds eye design her very first design has gone missing (she didn’t fully understand the idea behind birds eye and we did these 1st two Birdseye drafts together I will picture it when I find it)

Jessica’s final design ready to be mounted to her ideas board next week.
Emily’s choose to do one for Nemo and made sure all his friends were in it it wasn’t to scale but did show thought as to the plants and she added a sand pit for them to play in ????.

Next week we will be looking more into their planting choices as well as doing drawing of their enrichment items in the key of their designs and ending the week mounting it all on the ideas mount card (A1 size) 

These will be mounted in our new house hopefully along with their current display board which will have to move with us ????.