Do you ever have one of those days where you know which day it is but you still think it’s an other?
I knew they had their tutor (he always comes every THURSDAY) and I knew they had scouts (again happens every THIRSDAY!!) and yet I was still convinced it was Friday (I work Fridays every Friday yet didn’t turn up to work either cause I knew work was tomorrow ????????‍♀️) so as happens a lot on a Thursday I have completed the whole day believing it was Friday done that little extra (because you know it’s the weekend tomorrow) and have gone to bed to find out….. sod it did it again it’s only blasted Thursday! 

So here’s our Thursday (not firday) in a nut shell.
Obviously I woke up thinking right this Friday we have Paul, gym and scouts and we got ourselves ready for the last display for their project one animal enclosures so we cleared the table and got out the last (well 2nd to last Emily still need to complete her crocodile enclosure display) green A1 backing card and Jessica decided how to lay out the 4 pieces of A4 (our A2 is packed and in storage ????) and they started to note down ideas for layouts.

They had already decided they wanted 4 sections and actually as it has ended the 4 pieces of A4 helped with this. A section for each herbivores, Carnivores, insectivores and piscivore each area with a food place in keeping with the animals diets. So a sushi house amoungst the piscivores, steak house amoungst the Carnivores and a veggie bar amoungst the herbivores. Now the insectivores they didn’t think anyone would want to eat bugs so they decided as the play area and splash pad was there they would instead put in a snack bar Thomas is still convinced the snack bar should offer fried bugs but the girls think it would put people off.

Anyway just as we were finishing drawing this all out and placing the different enclosures Paul arrived and he joined in and they showed him what they have been up too including naturally Minecraft in great detail. We then left them starting to colour it all in and I popped out to get some lunch to hubby and brought them back a sub way and when I came back they had just finished doing their reading to him.

We then had a surprise proposal for Emily to stay overnight at a friends and she was collected and we decided that jess and I would go to the gym and tom could have some quite time in his old room so we finished lunch and I had a tidy up while they played in their computers and off we went to the gym.
An hour later, we headed back home in time for dinner and chill. Then as ever it was scouts today up on cradle hill for some fun with home made water rockets and a wide game.

They are both now in bed and here I am in bed when it hit me it’s not Friday ????????