Well first off Thomas was at college he has been doing so well he needs the next day to himself to be able to cope so the only day I have my little man back is a Sunday but he’s actually loving college and for me that’s all that’s important.

He does his day (Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays) at college and comes home then the next 24 hours he struggles if forced to be around people (Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays) so he’s allowed in the girls room he plays on his X box until lunch then reads in the afternoon. But this week was his first week where he went to a club after college on Monday he went to scouts (explorers) and he still managed college today I am honestly so proud of him.

As for us we went to the hall with Jo and the kids all played (jessica made a dress for her drawing doll)

Emily playing with the Kendrick sand and jessica starting her dolls dress from her planned drawing.

Jess making her dress and I played with summer while Emily and Leashy played with the kitchen.

We then went back to Jos house for a while.

Jessica being a mini mum helping to look after the little ones while our dogs mill around pleased to see them back (poppy naturally helping with the looking after the mini humans!)

We then headed home with leashy come to play and Emily and leashy had a slime bath with toys.

It really feels gross but the girls loved it.

We then dropped Benny to groomers and left to pick tom up from Jos (who had collected him from college) and drop leashy back home.

Then it was dinner and puppy class with poppy before crawling into bed to realise we had forgotten beavers! ????????‍♀️

We paid our deposit today on our new house and seriously wish the completion date would be set so we can actually get back to real school work but in meantime we have lots of social learning bits planned.