Ok so I may have a thing for organisation and at the moment while living with family that organisation is a little non existent in most of day to day life, it’s kind of hard to do while living with 5 peoples belongings stored in two rooms, but with a move on the cards soon I though it was time to sort myself out and after Duncan brought a bullet journal a few weeks ago I decided to do the same.

So I have made a few important lists and made the actual diary/calendar part and split the sections now it’s just a case of seeing how it develops.

Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE my ARC diary but in itself it’s working but it wasn’t able to achieve everything I wanted as storing old pages generally doesn’t work and for me the ability to look back is important hence the bullet journal.

So this is my before completion list.

Diary and calendar section.

Future dates section (as I have started this with little of this year left I have split this into a four month section for the remainder of this year and a 2 page spread for 2018 planning to replace this journal in Jan 2019 rather than either waiting until January before starting or buying a new one leaving this one with only 4 months used it seemed like the most logical idea let’s just hope there is enough pages to complete this challenge this next year and a bit!

I also treated myself to a new back pack! My old one (I’ve had it since college!!! 18 years old) was starting to leave little black bits from the inside (from where the waterproof coating disintegrating) and truth be told didn’t have the space I need anymore especially now I carry around a tablet a lot I needed one with a protective section for that.