Today we went to the Wiltshire Wildlife Center near us to do some Stone Carving!

It was an amazing time and the kids did amazingly.

What more could you ask for than a class room that really is this amazing?

Jessica and Emily looking out to the beautiful nature reserve and watching the first group starting their carvings.Jessica making her fish carving.

Emily making her unicorn one.

Lunch break!

I went for a simple number plaque for our new house.After Jessica finished her fish she turned over and carved this octopus on the back.

Jessica’s Fish design.

Emily’s unicorn (it’s upside down in picture) Emily’s first attempt.

For her second attempt Jessica went with a horse which she started to turn 3D unfortunately she ran out of time to complete it but will continue at home.

Emily went with a 3D heart on her second attempt which she plans to give her Granny for her birthday.

I just kept working on my 29 until happy with the result.

We then went home and picked Benny up from the groomers and met tom back home with nanna who had collected him from college and while dinner finished itself off Jessica asked if she could build our last item of furniture so with a little help from me (not much at all) she did.

And as you can see it’s doing it’s job perfectly!