Today lots went on Jessica went with nanna to a craft event in Near Shepton Mallet so they went off at 8 am this morning, we got up and I did my housework while Emily played for a bit.

At normal time Paul came as normal and emily did her work with him working amazingly well for the whole hour and half.

Just as Paul was leaving my dad and step mum came with an old friend of his who was coming to meet our Benny (as you will know Benny we took on because he was being sold on Facebook and was in pretty bad shape I have been working with him for the past couple of years and he has come on leaps and bounds unfortunately this move was a little too much for him and he has been going backwards which was expected) unfortunately he is struggling more than expected and needing more time than we actually have for him and so when my dad suggested him going to an old family friend who had lost her dog a few months ago and who he knew would desperately love Benny to pieces and knowing he would suit her down to the ground, we decided she should meet him and look after him for a couple of weeks see how they get on and see. So dad brought her over to meet him and for the next two weeks he is with her to see if he is ok with her, well it took him a while as with everyone but by time they left he happily trotted along with her and was curled on her lap as if he had known her his whole life! So he left with Val for a few weeks as a holiday for us and a possibility of a new home for him if they really do suit each other (part of me hopes he comes home but unfortunately as much as we live him I have known for a while we weren’t well suited or what best fitted his needs and she is so I also hope he settles well too).

Anyway by time they left Emily was straight outside and on her bike. She has ridden her bike everyday since it made it here she has loved having a garden and safe space out the front to cycle around.

Anyway so I continue to potter about try to catch up with my washing again.

Just as dinner is nearly ready jessica makes it home and she has had a great time.

She has learned to do little animals with felt and had a great old time with it.

She came home and had brought a selection of canvases and once home sat down and drew these:

Then after dinner she gave us a demonstration on how to do the felting.

Then they all went to bed. Thomas was having a chill out day and spent it reading in his room and then playing on his computer after grandad left.

All in all a busy and strange day, ended with a call with an update of Benny sat happily on Vals lap as if he had always lived there.