Today has been one very manic day!

So started the day collecting Oleasha, then home to tidy up and prepare the spare bed for Katie.

My friend showed up and we sat and had a coffee and a natter shortly after Katie was dropped off by her mum.

Kids all shoot off to make cookies I leave them to it until they call to say they are ready to use the oven.

So we moved to the dining room to over see the inning and outing of the oven.

We then had lunch and the kids went off to play in the garden just as Thomas’ Educational physiologist arrives to work with him so I get my house work done while the 4 girls play in the garden, little ones come in cold and older two walk poppy.

They all came in and older girls played Scrabble and monopoly while the little ones played with teddies.

It’s been a long time since I have had more than my three in the house all day and boy haven’t they been 100X more excitable than normal but it’s been lovely really missed hearing the kids all going off to play.

We have toms friend leigham for the weekend hopefully ????