Well still having issues with Word Press and getting my updates to actually work all in one go so again pictures will be added one at a time as I get time.

Monday 30th October:

While I was at work and Thomas at college, Jessica and Emily carved their pumpkins

After work we prepared their grandads 75th Birthday meal.

Tuesday 31st October 2017:

Kids made some Halloween cakes and gave themselves a Halloween party, before dressing up to see all the trick or treaters come knocking.

Wednesday 1st November

Today they had the church Hall with Joanne, they made fire work pictures using chalks and wool.

Thursday 2nd November

Paul came as usual and he was here just long enough to catch the speech and language therapist for Emily (who basically was next to no help and was only interested in getting Emily off her books). After that the kids worked so well we went to go and stock up on Firewood and then lay and light the fire for the first time.

Friday 3rd November

Today they spent with Joanne. But when we got home jessica laid and lit the fire with help from Garfield obviously ????.

rday 4th November

With Emily at Joanneā€™s for the weekend for Oleashas Birthday we had a lazy day.