Ok so let’s try again without pictures.

Been having a real bad time trying to get WordPress app to actually publish my uploads every time I add a photo it crashes (seriously you don’t want to know how many times I have written this week out!!! Both as individual days or as a week!!)

So here goes will add pictures if WP ever starts working properly again..

Monday 23rd October (half term week)

Kids played in their bikes with their nanna while I was at work they also played board games where Thomas won at monopoly without cheating!!! Yep pretty big day in the brown household ????

Forgot Emily did her big space floor puzzle with nanna and read through the kids old project work with nanna learning all about the planets. Jessica helped me put together a bookcase for our living room while tom helped duncan put up his desk!

4th October- we spent time unpacking some boxes and the kids did some colouring in their colouring books jessica finished her felt owl (it’s pretty awesome) and we got a phone call to say Benny was coming home at the weekend as my auntie was struggling with walking him although she was heart broken to admit it.

y 25th October – I spent time playing with the kids on minecraft we built alsorts of silly things and died in lava quite a bit ????

Thursday 26th October- girls decided they wanted to finish their zoo so the zoo finally got a name and they finished labelling it and colouring it, we tried to mount the on the wall but all our efforts were for nothing as they fell down as quickly as they went up!

Paul came and we went through their folders etc and then as a spur of the moment kind of thing I decided to take the kids to Longleat after some time there we came to realise it was their fireworks and my kids were getting annoyed by the silly children who were breaking the park rules and in doing so hurting others (standing up on the spinning disc) so they asked to go home which we did just in time. Friday 27th October – my dads birthday and first wedding anniversary! So today I was at work while I was there The kids decided to do some repairs and alterations on their bikes changing seats and tightening breaks etc they had great fun pottering with their bikes just shows all those bike safety and repair courses are actually paying off lol.

Duncan came home early so we took poppy and Emily complete with her bike to the water meadows for a quick walk before heading home for dinner.

Saturday 28th October- today we put together A Halloween Birthday party decorating the downstairs making a gingerbread train (Morrison’s) Birthday “cake” and then headed out to the Warminster carnival and heading home just in time for my dad to arrive and we started his little party.

Sunday 29th October- to be honest can’t remember what we did this day now lol