Well what a week tom is finally back to college I’m back to work from a one day extension from my holiday after Emily had an asthma attack causing a little chaos but so nice to be back.

So as ever with January comes a new home ed plan this year with the start of tom starting college that means a whole new game plan Thomas is just about coping with college and only college on a week in week out basis but after a long conversation with him and the children’s EWO and Thomas and emilys Send worker Duncan, Paul and I all came out with a way to be able to continue home ed with the girls while also supporting tom and allowing Jessica the time she needs while going through those horrible changes between child and young lady.

We are going to have a fortnightly time table one week of out of the house activities and one week of bare essential home ed with long chances for tom to rest and recharge and all of us to just enjoy being at home and all that come with that.

So this week they have taken it easy next week we have lots of activities on in between college and work.