Today we decided to take the girls out with other home ed friends. Emily and her daughter Katie.

Exploring Stourhead:

We headed to the house first and was a little disappointed it was closed.
Despite this we were lucky enough to be invited in to warm by the fire. We had a quick private talk in the entrance hall with staff. During which we got to learn a little more about the family portraits hanging in there. We also enjoyed hearing about the people in the paintings.

We popped into the gallery on route to the garden. This gave the kids a chance to have a look at some of the local artists work. They had an amazing range from bronze statues on display. There was also paintings, jewellery, pottery, and wooden carvings. All beautiful pieces.

Fun talking with the Arborists!

We then headed back out and went for a walk around the gardens. The kids went exploring through the trees,

They were performing maintenance around the grounds. Sadly a couple of the trees have started to die. They were also removing some that had diseases that couldn’t be cured.
We watched them taking down one, the kids had great fun watching the arborist working. They watched as the workers used their pulleys to safely bring down the tree branch by branch. They were all happy to watch as they brought down 2 or 3 before finding one to walk across. Nothing beats walking across a fallen tree.

The Children even counted the rings and tried to work out how old the tree was. They gave up at about 70 when they lost count.

Then we reached Emily’s favourite spot the grotto.

Hidden Surprise.

Then hiding behind the little house we found a Scrap metal Art display honouring those from WW1.

Jessica had her hiking boots on so she went in to read out the information from the artist.

Then while most of us sought shelter from the rain. My crazy Emily took off her coat (you know so it didn’t get wet! lol) and played in the ran.

We then got to the end of the walk. It had been a great day out in the drizzle. As we had all got a little wet so we headed back to the car. Then drove to B&M on route home to treat the kids to mini Marshmallows to go in their hot chocs. We then headed home for baths and hot chocolate to warm up before Cubs.

Emily was looking forward to going tonight. Her uniform was now complete with all her badges thanks to Jessica’s hard work Monday! Jessica had worked hard sewing on all her newest badges for her.

If you would like to learn more about Stourhead check out their website here.

Edit 2020: We have removed the photos due to a corruption when we transferred the blog. I have added in a couple of the beautiful Stourhead from other trips.