Today we went to help out a complete stranger with her horse! After the friend we were going to help came down with a bug last week I put a post on some of the local gift groups if anyone had horses who wouldn’t mind a couple of little helpers and a lovely lady called Hannah replied it was too late for last week but we arrange for this week instead and today was the day to help her with her little welsh cob Cheeky.

She was lovely and cheeky was a gorgeous young man the kids got to groom him, change his rug and walk him to his field break the ice in his trough and watch her muck the stable out (it was freezing cold by time we got to mucking our they were little icicles bless them) and she was lovely enough to offer they could go to help when ever they want so we will be headed back next Wednesday,

It was too cold to worry about photos so first time ever we don’t actually have any! Anyway time to head into home ed group (it’s Wednesday)