Today we went to home ed group as normal this week they made wax pictures and the girls made some amazing pictures using crayon pens of all things.

It was a pretty normal wednesday we dropped thomas to college and headed home did a little written work before making up lunch and heading to home ed group this week i treated the kids to a drink from the shop onroute to picking up oleasha.

They sat and ate their lunches in the car Emily sharing hers with oleasha as always and then headed in.

all of the girls did a little colouring but only jess and Emily did the cutting it up and sticking it all back down again, the girls loved it.

Emily cutting up the her drawing ready to stick it all back down again.

Jessicas finished piece

Emily’s creations

and Oleasha’s amazing piece of work.

Once we got home we had just enough time to prepare dinner while the girls did some more drawings and while sharpening a pencil Jessica managed to make a pretty flower out of the shavings.