So here we are Sunday 18th March 2018 and wake up to just a dusting of Snow again. It started some point yesterday not sure when as we were having a chill day as we all felt a little off.

But this morning feeling a little better and wake up to this!

Just a dusting, but fun all the same.

As lovely as snow can be I could have done without it even if it was only just a dusting. I was so hoping to at least achieve taking the last of the moving boxes to the tip.

So instead as ever when things don’t go to plan, I did what any OCD I did chores!

  • stripped the beds
  • washed all the bedding
  • cleaned all the touch points
  • gutted the kitchen
  • swept
  • hoovered
  • Oiled the cast iron hob.

Oh and then there was the dog bed thing!

I also washed all the dogs beds, Turns out you should probably read tags before washing dog beds.

Definitely should read before tumble drying them. Otherwise that nice “big bed” soon becomes the “small bed” 🤣
Poor Poppy but Benny is very happy with his new Benny sized bed lol

Anyway looking forward to work tomorrow so No more snow please 🙏

It really is amazing how much you can get done when the children are entertained in the snow