Well Thursday morning Jess and I popped as promised to The beautiful Cheeky I thought a bit of fresh air may have helped us feel a little better (it didn’t).

We didn’t groom him today just kicked his stable and watched him go mad over the carrots and apples we took him.

We were with him for about 15/20 minutes before heading home and honestly after that we all slept all day, all night, all day, all night. Waking for clean water and that’s about it.

I didn’t even go to work Friday I didn’t have the power to open the tumble drier where my uniform was put on a cold cycle to air Tuesday! Let alone clean two lodges or even drive there so I slept.

Thankfully Sunday we woke up feeling better having missed the Big Bang fair the day before. We are now all feeling better Emily still has a slight temperature and no one is 100% but I got my house back together and I am well enough for work today (Monday 19th) tom well enough for college.