Snow again started some point yesterday not sure when as we were asleep on and off all day unwell.

But this morning feeling a little better and wake up to this!

As lovely as snow can be could have done without it at least achieving the last of the moving boxes to the tip (was on my schedule for this week that went to pot)

So instead I stripped the beds washed all the bedding and cleaned all the touch points and gutted the kitchen swept and hoovered still not 100% but at least able to clean lol.

Oiled the cast iron hob as I steamed that too in the dishwasher to kill any germs that maybe lurking there.

I also washed all the dogs beds!

Maybe even washing and tumble drying the “big bed” which then became the “small bed” as turns out not meant to wash or dry it ????????‍♀️

Anyway looking forward to work tomorrow.