Today we took tom to college, played with chocolate.

Made a chicken pie for dinner.

Went to home ed group which was cancelled but I didn’t get the message until there so we went to Leah’s early instead.

Jess was given a make up lesson by one of Leah’s borrowed daughters, and Emily played on the X box while we all chatted away.

We then went home to finish our pie and get it cooking, tom made a shopping list for tomorrow as he’s making a pineapple upside down cake for Easter dinner Saturday

So he took his recipe and checked the cupboards and wrote a list of the things we didn’t have and needed to buy.

Jessica melted some chocolate for chocolate covered apple slices for tea and we chilled to watch brother bear while dinner cooked doing a little drawing while we chilled.

Emily is chilling in her play room and Thomas is playing on his Xbox.