Today we had a great day.

We popped to Morrison’s and brought the items on our shopping list for daddies birthday cake and the upside down cake.

We also brought daddy a birthday balloon that the kids decorated themselves.

Then we got home just in time for Paul to arrive as normal, this week he only did some work with Emily.

While they were hard at work tom set about making his Hawaiian couscous.

We treated Paul to some before his time was up and he had to go.

We also started the surprise home made creme eggs for duncan.

Finished product (we borrowed some two of the large eggs wrappers to cover two of them ???? the smaller ones in picture are actually mini creme eggs) then we set about making daddies birthday cake which was a creme egg cheesecake (made with actual creme eggs and not our homemade ones)

And Thomas made his upside down cake

We didn’t quite finish the birthday cake before duncan came home (and no photos as I found out with his balloon pictures that when I take a photo it’s backed up onto a shared back up service which means duncan can see them).

Kids also made him some homemade creme eggs and a chocolate basket to boot.

Janet and Ben (nanna and Grandad) has come for the helping of making the cake and they then took the creation to hide it in their fridge until after work friday.