Today was Duncan’s birthday.

He opened his presents and cards from the kids (again pictures on Jessica’s camera will update later).

I had work so before long I had to leave them to it for the day.

When I finished I walked up to get duncan some lovely fudge from works sweet shop (I work at Center Parcs seriously beautiful fudge amazing stuff! Go try it if you ever have a chance the honeycomb is my favourite ????) and then left to pick up janet and Ben.

We got home and I put oven on and headed to the shower, we then set about cooking dinner.

I then had to make a start on the beef wellington for Saturdays early Easter dinner.

Emily helped with the salting pepper, mustard, ham and pastry but didn’t help with the searing of it.

After that was done it was time to get the kids to bed they said night to everyone and went up and Janet and Ben went home, I had a turtle to clean out.

So I cleaned Kaiyo out and she loves her new layout.

Then it was definitely time for a well deserved rest nearly 30,000 steps 29 flights of stairs I was certainly ready for it (9,000 more than I normally do doesn’t sound much but made a big difference! Lol)