Well i went to work and i decided to cheer Jessica up by hiding the stones Emily and Jessica painted at my lodges.

705 got Jessica’s Heart stone.

We would love to here from the family who found it hopefully it has found its way somewhere interesting cheering up a garden or rehidden elsewhere.

And 708 got Emilys Stone.

Anyway when I got home from work Jessica’s knees were still really painful and after a chat with mum we decided the best bet would be to get them checked so we walked poppy, collected tom and then took jess to minors in Trowbridge.

It was quite a long wait due to 2 serious patients who were awaiting transport to a proper A&E but eventually we were seen and they agreed although it wasn’t infected it was headed that way so the lovely nurse (apologies if you were a doctor) said he was going to put a honey wrap on it and covered it and told us to leave it until Monday evening before removing it. She felt better after that.

Emily on the other hand was “bored” a lot i did try telling her she looked nothing like wood let alone a board! She wasn’t amused