Today started quite badly as Thomas hit meltdown because he didn’t want to Young Archeologists club and thought that would mean he could spend all day in his bedroom, unfortunately, it didn’t and he agreed to go to daddy’s work but when we came home for Duncan to get changed he hit meltdown because he didn’t want to leave again.

But we managed between us to pick him up and get him into the car and we headed to Longleat getting Thomas a wheelchair after finding out that he didn’t want to come because his legs were really really hurting him, this was why he didn’t want to leave home and the compromise of a wheelchair meant he happily left the car and joined in the rest of the day.

So we went and had lunch first and then headed to the water safari obviously hitting the Meerkats first one of which was fascinated by Jessica’s tail, then after coming off the boat we headed to the penguins and Thomas’ favourite the thorn backed rays.

after feeding the lorikeets we headed to look at the turtles and butterflies before heading to the adventure playground for some fun.

We then headed back and Thomas happily walked to the car to allow me to take the wheelchair back.