Today we walked Cheeky, the girls loved it and so did our little cheeky boy.

Emily was given the chance to lead him on the grass away from the road we let him stop and have a munch for a little while before moving on.

And once off the main road through the village Jessica took over with him again finding a few spots where he could have a munch before moving on.

Emily started picking me some beautiful flowers as we went along

Jessica looks so natural with him and he looks so big in this picture we have been so lucky finding this little star and we are ever so grateful to his lovely mum who lets us enjoy her boy as much as we want.

wasn’t long until is was time to take him back to his paddock after a bit more of a fuss naturally ha ha

Unfortunately the afternoon didn’t go to plan we were going to have a picnic in the field and walk benny but my dad phoned to say he was in the area so we waited for him then jess got a little over excited and ended up falling off her bike while i was getting ready after her grandad and nanny left and she really badly grazed her knees and elbow up. So instead we chilled out and had a cuddle in the sofa watching tv.