I just about survived work as normal but after fighting this chest infection for a month now I was starting to seriously flag so had to bite the bullet and on route home phoned to make an appointment with Nurse again (as if I hadn’t seen her enough this past month!) anyway got put on another belt of antibiotics 5 day course this time and didn’t think anything of it knowing I had the next week off.

well that was it I awoke feeling like I had taken on Several rounds in a ring with Mike Tyson so we actually did nothing and I went from asleep in bed to sleeping on the sofa nearly completely missing Lysa who came as normal for Emily, thankfully she is amazing and is happy to just walk in shouting Hey and Emily is always so pleased to see her they just got on with work. I caught her as she was getting ready to leave and we sorted seeing her when she was back from America after Easter hols.

Survived another day we did nothing until music I cancelled everything we had planned other than music lessons and then went straight home and back to bed Duncan coming home early from work again today. so I slept basically the whole day again bar the 2 hours I forced myself to appear normal to get kids to their lessons and sat with a coffee and cake while tom and Emily had their lessons. oh and as if i needed anything else on my plate this week the dishwasher packed up but I did also just about manage to send off for Jessica’s new passport ready for her trip to France with J&B in June.

Still, ill back on with doctor as lost all hearing in my good ear and couldn’t stand Duncan Helped me downstairs and as normal I had Clare come and Jamie and Emily played while Connor had his drum lessons she offered to take Emily for me bless her but I declined. The doctor didn’t make it out so just about made it back upstairs.

Had to phone in off work wasn’t too amused put it off until my mum phoned to say she was leaving to head to me at which point Duncan forbade me from even trying to go in with no hearing in one ear and to be honest I could actually stand up without losing balance and reaching so ended up waiting around for doctor again after he syringed my ears and confirmed the respiratory tract infection had reached my ears and suggested extending my antibiotics which I declined as I felt much better with ears cleared again agreeing instead to see nurse Tuesday instead.

Well still felt pants just about getting up and making it to the girls’ music lessons, helped Cayden Hide the monkey and then headed to Longleat with Julie, Theo and Cayden. eat some pizza and went on the train before going to see the Koalas before going again (didn’t stay long but long enough for the kids to burn some energy) said goodbye and came home to find Remmy was in bad shape still (one of my 3 year old rats) i gave him and Emile a cuddle and fed him some of his favourite treats while Jessica and I sorted out Journals out for the upcoming month and I cancelled unnecessary events this upcoming week.

Remmy was looking bad still I knew he wasn’t going to be with us long I gave him a pet before bundling Emily eventually into the car (after several meltdowns due mainly to my lack of patience) drove her to the Huntington Gallery where Emily and Jamie were booked in to do a dinosaur themed art project, I met up with Clare, Stu, Connor and Ellessa and we all drove the little way to a lovely little coffee shop I found while Jessica was doing Photography course there.

When we went to pick them up again Emily wanted to stay with Clare so she went off with them and I returned home to Find my poor little Remmy laid motionless with laboured breathing.

I took him and Emile out separating them and sat holding Remmy while he slipped away and left us, I Messaged Clare who was happy to keep Emily overnight for me so she didn’t have to see him slowly dying by time they popped in for clothes he has passed on and I had completely cleaned out the cage and had Emile back away. we decided to freeze Remmy to wait to bury him so put him in the small freezer boxed and bagged. she went off and had a great time geocaching with the Grays.

was a rather devastating end to the week really.