Well as ever i was at work and Duncan also got called into work today (despite it being his day off) so he went with Emily leaving Jess home alone checking on them at lunch and I picked Emily up from him before collecting Tom and then heading home.

today we had a bit of a lazy day Duncan installed the dash cam in the car (the one I got for Christmas) Thomas and Jessica tidied their rooms and Emily did quite a bit of music practice and Lysa came for her 2 hours of tutoring.

Today our first order of bamboo toilet roll from Whogivesacrap arrived while we were at music lessons (another one of our moves in the no plastic and sustainability changes we’re making and it’s a British company) Thomas had been invited to a Birthday Meal in Devizes so we took the girls out for a meal while we waited for him.

Today we did some housework in the morning then took mum to Longleat to meet their new Koalas. it was an annual pass holder only event so was quite nice as wasn’t too busy.

Well, I was back to work as ever so a normal day by all accounts.

Duncan’s Birthday so we started the day with birthday cards, presents and Janet and Ben joined us for a cooked Breakfast before Taking the girls to their music lessons.

once back we had a bit of a tidy up cooked dinner and sorted our Movie snacks before all tucked up in the living room to watch a film together and basically spent the afternoon/evening eating and enjoying some time together as a family.

Mothers Day! Tom and Jess Cooked dinner (meatloaf, roast potatoes, veg with a passata sauce) I was delivered a coffee in bed along with presents and cards before coming down and basically chilling on the sofa trying to stay out of my young chef’s way.

Janet and Ben came over as every Sunday for dinner and we gave Janet her flowers and we all enjoyed a beautifully cooked dinner before doing Duncan’s Birthday Cake as pudding and then sat around chatting and talking. Older two walked to the shop and Duncan made some Scones (not that I actually saw any of them as they had all been eaten by the time I got home from work Monday lol) I phoned my mum and we generally chilled for the day.