Well we are now officially both working full time and home educating.

It’s been a hard transition but we are slowly all getting used to our new life.

We have decided that between now and September we aren’t going for activities as much to give everyone time to settle into new routines and for us to finalise organising our now chaotic lives.

Anyway jessica is in France practising her French and photography, Thomas is now officially handed over to college and Emily is still doing daily work in the form of her paid for curriculum and we are paying a home educating child minder to take her to events we can’t or she is going with Clare and Stu.

We’re still tweaking things but it is our new way of life for now.

Anyway other than the “boring” curriculum stuff which can be found in an other post Emily has also got up to lots of other bits.

She did some enamelling and made some amazing pieces.

She likes to leave me notes on my late nights.

We had a great Father’s Day our at Paultons Park.

Not to mention fun days out with granny learning about how clouds move and are formed.

Then lots of writing and reading.

She has two more sessions with Lysa before the end of the year and has still been seeing her for 2 hours a week too.