So we have a plan for moving forward and are slowly making progress towards what him ed looks like for us now.

Thomas is no longer home ed he goes to college and works and has his clubs (explorers and Tai Kwon Do).

The girls have been going to work with Duncan and working on their curriculums there along with guitar practice there with one of the workers who also plays the guitar. Emily also spends time with a home educating child minder who is taking girls to different activities for us when the needs arises while the parents are away. They will be continuing Pottery once every 4 weeks and still have their tutors coming each week as well as music lessons as previously.

We are just using our days off more for family based activities and with Duncan not confined to having to be in an “office” he is taking them places working where it suits there needs best.

Their education has gone from solely coming from me and their tutors to coming from their dad, tutors and myself for core subjects and we are still booking in activities for them to expand on other subjects.

In the past two weeks they have done pottery, been to Legoland, been to a wedding and spent the weekend at the beach, been to Kew, been to Longleat and parks they are still having their tutors but we have had to find other socialising opportunities for them as a group no longer works for us due to time restraints and commitments so until things settle in September we will be making the most of the opportunities in the community. Obviously they still have cubs and explorers too and all the things that opens them up too.