Today was about spending some adult time alone in the morning then invading a friend.

We headed of to Brantôme for their Friday Market.

Brantôme is a beautiful town and if you ever make it to this part of France I highly recommend it even if it’s not a market day. You can canoe the river or go for a boat trip, or just walk around admiring the beautiful countryside.

We stopped for a cheeky breakfast.

And then we went to le grotte de Villars.

We couldn’t take pictures but again highly recommend it it’s beautiful not suited to someone with difficulty walking unlike the zoo it does have a proper path down to the entrance but it’s a steep downhill walk (and then obviously a steep uphill walk back) and there are stairs to get in and inside it is slippery and narrow in places. But it is beautiful (auties out there the “show” is a struggle for me as an adult I wouldn’t take my Emily or my Tom for this reason and also with Emily it’s zero-touch in the caves and I found that hard to adhere to Emily wouldn’t stand a chance it all looks so tactile it’s amazing but it states no touching or photography for a reason to protect the environment)

The staff were all welcoming and we were lucky enough for an English tour with just us and a Dutch couple who were happy for English.

We then came back to Piégut to meet up with the kids at our old friends Terry and Simons house in time for a fleeting reunion with their now-adult daughter Tia and wow what a beautiful young lady she’s shot up to be!

Emily naturally headed straight for their pool while Tom and Jess stayed with us adults and chatted to Terry.

Emily made friends with a domesticated pigeon

It was a lovely end to a lovely day.