Today we went to the Zoo!

We jumped in the car complete with Des at the gearstick and headed back to Limoges.

We popped into the shop and brought some lunch bits. Emily found an Emily sized shopping trolley for her bits.

Then we headed to the Zoo (pictures will have to be uploaded later as we have a lot of them and WAP in remote southern France isn’t great ????)

It was HOT extremely hot but we just walked slowly stopping often for a break in the shade there is a lot of walking to be had at this wonderful little zoo and I highly recommend it over most others I have been to anywhere else.

It has an old family business feel non commercialised and the animals are still the main property, not the guests. With naturalistic enclosures full of natural enrichments most other ZOOS lack.

We went the “wrong” way by all intense and purpose but it worked out well for us as we got to the petting zoo before Emily had eaten all of Tom and Jessica’s popcorn (naturally she had polished off her own!).

It also meant that by lunchtime we had made it to the Zoos restaurant for our lunch (and the all-important purchases of gifts and a wild dog teddy for Emily! ????)

We then set back off again stopping regularly throughout with the heats didn’t have much choice but there was seating in the shade everywhere needed and paths were mostly shaded at regular intervals.

After a while, we stopped at the vending machines for a cold drink and to use the facilities all while being spied on by a couple of giraffes (at this point you can see there are little lodges they have for accommodation and I can imagine the views of waking up staring out to the giraffes’ enclosure would be amazing added firmly to my bucket list!)

There were lots to see and do we didn’t see it all missing about 2 miles of it because Emily’s legs wore out and carrying her as well as myself in the blistering heat there was no way o was making another 2 miles lol.

After leaving the zoo we headed into Limoges to go to Flunch I have to say it used to be a favourite of ours but I don’t think I will be returning anytime soon! It used to be amazing but unfortunately, it was a disappointment this time.

After a small and rather disappointing meal, we decided to head back and stop on route for a picnic of our “emergency” rations.

After that Emily entertained us all with talks of her cloud makers (planes) in the sky.

And we watched the sunset over the countryside as we drove home and headed to bed.