Bit of a catch up I can honestly say I can’t actually remember my last update probably our holiday.

But we have been on summer holiday so the kids have been doing limited work.

But we have had 2 birthdays, days out at my work, been to Longleat and settling into our new lives juggling working full time and the kids.

Thomas’ Birthday we went to the cinema and to Frankie and Bennys on his birthday then woke up and cycled to work the day after.

We also went to the park as the boys film was longer than ours and started sooner than ours did.

Then of course for Sunday’s Breakfast Thomas wanted the Pancake house so we got up and cycled into Center Parcs and enjoyed a very lovely Pancake House breakfast!

Emily has continues to do her Kiwi boxes

And of course we have had Jessica’s birthday.

Emily wrapped all of her presents

We went to Longleat.

And girls went and stayed with friends and went to a fair while duncan and I were at work.

We came into my work with my brother and his family.

And then Jessica went off to camp and returned on her birthday which of course meant we also had Jessica’s birthday

And then Back into work for Jessica’s birthday treat.

We continued the whole getting drastic on plastic theme as we explored ways to become as plastic free as possible.

We have changed our loo roll to WGAC

But we haven’t stopped there we have also changed our household cleaners to Ocean Saver pods.

Emily Has made and decorated a recycling box for us to put our recyclable rubbish in (the stuff that can’t be recycled at the Kerb side)

And the Girls are still making our soaps and creams but also tried to make a shampoo bar (unfortunately it was a fail as a shampoo bar but makes an amazing shaving bar!)

And more Longleat.

Then of course Emily spent a day looking up Orb Weaver Spider we have making her home on our study window.

And then that leads us back to the beginning of their first week back to school work.