As stated on the catch up Emily continued us on our way to reducing our plastics by looking into what plastics in our house could be recycled locally outside of those that can already be done so via our keen side collections. She then made a special box for us to post them into to them sort and take to the different points around town.


So I was working a 12 hour shift so wasn’t home but it was back to Cubs and the girls made me a special cake.


We had Emily’s EHCP budget review and finalised her new EHCP budget, then we did some school work before Lysa’s first visit back for this school year.


Emily went to work with Duncan and Jessica stayed at home with Thomas as Thursdays are toms days off college. They did their washing and Jess did her schoolwork.

Emily didn’t want to do her work with daddy so did it with me when I got home.

Didn’t get any photos though.


Jessica continued working through her books from Paul and Emily completed her work Thursday for both Thursday and Friday so all she had left was to make a poster about hand washing for her science section, I’m yet to see this as she left it at daddy’s work lol.

Jessica’s new Curriculum arrived today and we had a quick look through it before she went up to bed.


Music Lessons (oh Emily has added an other instrument to her list and now has a clarinet too!)

So Emily has an hour every Saturday with Charlotte spilt between clarinet, piano and Violin.

Jessica has half hour on her drums and Tom same on his electric guitar.


I will say this now I will be sleeping most of it after finishing work at 2am after a 12 hour shift. It’s safe to say I probably won’t be doing much Sunday but will fill in something if we actually do anything ????